February 22, 2022

Gun Owners of America Endorses Sheriff Scott Jones for Congress

Check out the full endorsement letter from Gun Owners of America Chairman, Tim Macy, below. Thank you for your support!:

Gun Owners of America is proud to add our organization to the growing list of individuals and organizations endorsing Sheriff Scott Jones for Congress in California's 3rd Congressional District.
When GOA evaluates candidates for office, we look at their record and leadership in protecting the Constitution and especially the Second Amendment.
By all counts, Scott Jones is exactly the candidate we are looking for.


When he was first elected, Scott Jones went out of his way to make it easier for Sacramento County residents to apply for and get concealed carry permits to protect themselves and their families.
And now with the anti-gun left-wing in America trying to defund all law enforcement, crime in America and right here in northern California has gone up, making Jones’s decision to allow honest citizens the ability to protect their businesses and families even more important.
When Jones became a member of the California State Sheriffs’ Association, he immediately became a leading voice inside the Association to promote protection of the Second Amendment by helping to get the Association to oppose anti-gun legislation.
He did the same as President of the California Peace Officers Association.
Scott Jones has testified many times before Congress on crime laws and gun laws.
He is already a respected expert on crime and gun legislation, and as a member of Congress he can immediately hit the ground running to stop the left-wing onslaught against our Constitutional rights.
There's a saying that goes like this: you know that you're being effective when your enemies begin publicly attacking you.
Well, Scott Jones has been the target of the local left-leaning newspapers and other news outlets since the day he began protecting the citizens of Sacramento County, and you can bet they will attack him throughout this campaign. 
It is for these reasons and many more that Gun Owners of America urges you to help and vote for Sheriff Scott Jones for Congress.

In liberty,

Tim Macy