Federal spending and fiscal policy are out of control.  Not only are we suffering from historic highs in inflation, gas prices, and general cost of living, there is neither acknowledgement of the problem nor seemingly any interest in fixing it.  We must immediately do three things:

1) Stop printing more money.  Simply placing more money in circulation creates inflation and is a big reason we see inflation at record highs.

2) Live within our means.  I support a balanced budget. Balancing the budget is the first step to reducing annual deficits and to begin paying down our national debt. Spending must be prioritized, bureaucracy needs to be cut, and certain responsibilities need to be returned to the states.

3) Pay down our national debt. Washington is addicted to spending and their 

addiction has created a massive federal debt, currently a staggering $30 trillion dollars that we are leaving for our children and children’s children to pay. 

Further, recognizing the toll that burdensome taxes have on American families, I am proud to be the first – and only – candidate to sign the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge to oppose ALL tax increases.