I’m tired of being told how to raise my kids from people who don’t have children, and told how and what my kids should be taught from people whose kids are in private schools.  Every American student deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education.

Parents have experienced an awakening across America during the outrageous COVID lockdowns, seeing clearly what their children are being exposed to in all too many government schools. The teaching of radical anti-American ideas like CRT must be stopped.  I trust parents to make the right decisions regarding what is best for their children’s education, and they must have the freedom and the financial incentives to access the best schools for their kids. 


I oppose mandatory vaccines and masking for our students, as the science is now crystal clear that damage done to them far outweighs any benefit.  The top-down, one-size-fits-all federal approach to education that places teachers union bosses in charge of education policy and curriculum must end, and local parents in control of school boards should make these decisions.