Past immigration reform efforts have failed because they did not secure the border, and porous borders are a direct threat to public safety and national security. I had an officer murdered by an undocumented criminal who had been removed from this country at least four times without suffering any consequences for continuing to enter our country illegally.  This issue is very personal for me.


Securing the border is the first step and the single most important facet of any immigration reform plan. President Trump made serious progress to increase America’s border security by building miles of new border wall, empowering ICE and CBP, and enforcing a ‘remain in Mexico’ policy for people claiming asylum, but we must do more, now! We must finish the wall, employ technological measures to help maintain security, ensure that CBP has sufficient staffing and resources to carry out their mission, and return to the ‘remain in Mexico’ policy. 

We all know the truth – securing the border will help us put an end to human trafficking, drug and arms smuggling, illegal immigration and help prevent terrorists and criminals from entering our country. It will help ensure criminals who have been deported do not return to commit more mayhem.  A combination of beefed-up border patrols, increased fencing and technology, and certain consequences for illegal entry will help us keep America safe.