“I strongly oppose the “Defund the Police” movement: We need more law enforcement officers on the streets to stop the crime waves, stop violent crimes, stop the smash and grab looting, and prevent the riots from ever coming back to our cities.”


As Sheriff, Scott Jones stood up to the Defund-the-Police movement. In Congress, he will fight for more cops and stronger law enforcement to keep our communities safe from out-of-control theft and violence.


“I strongly oppose illegal immigration and Sanctuary Cities that give illegal immigrant criminals a “get out of jail free” card, and I support securing the border between the USA and Mexico.”


As Sheriff, Scott Jones has dealt directly with illegal immigration, in fact one of his deputies and a detective from a neighboring county were murdered by an illegal immigrant criminal. Jones stood side-by-side with President Trump to support securing our Southern border and building a wall to stop illegal immigration.


“I’ll stand up to President Joe Biden and his ‘open border’ policies. We need to firmly secure our borders and stop the drugs, human trafficking, and waves of illegal immigrants.” 


“I oppose woke anti-American teachings like Critical Race Theory in our kid’s schools. I strongly believe in the greatness of America, our Constitution, and our Founding Fathers.”


“I’ll stand up to woke, politically correct, American apologists like AOC, who want to teach our students that our Constitution, our Founding Fathers, and our history are evil.”


Sheriff Scott Jones stood up to Black Lives Matter rioters, deploying Sheriff’s deputies to stop destruction in Downtown Sacramento. Then, BLM tried to intimidate him by protesting his home and terrorizing his family. Scott Jones won’t be intimidated and will stand up to BLM radicals in Congress.


 “I’ll stand up for our “men and women in blue,” those brave people who put their lives on the line to protect us. BLM and Antifa need to understand we’ve had enough – you don’t have the right to riot or burn and loot our cities."